Why should you try Acupuncture in 2018?

Acupuncture is the ancient chinese medicinal practice that has been around for centuries. It preaches a holistic approach towards medicine and healing the person from within. Targeting all the abnormalities within the body and achieving overall general well-being is the name of the game for Acupuncturist.

With this in mind, a reputable acupuncturist will always start out with a consultation and understanding what is causing your illness or disorder. Once this has been accomplished, your practitioner will proceed with an acupuncture session lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

So what exactly where these thin sterilized needles doing to your body? These needles are carefully placed around your body called “chi spots” and this is where the magic happens. It helps stimulate the hormones that will enable your body to start self-healing and also release endorphins, which can be seen as the body’s natural pain killer. This will help create a sense of peace and relaxation within your session and notice increased blood flow within your body. Increased blood flow will help facilitate nutrients to the right places in your body and promote healing.

So why is this so awesome? By allowing your body to start regenerating and healing itself, you are letting the body go back to homeostasis. This allows your body to heal in the most natural and effective way.

After a session is over, the practitioner will recommend what to do from there. Herbal medicine may be prescribed as well as a follow up session in order to continue the healing process.

Chinese Herbal medicine is a great way to help heal in conjunction with acupuncture due to all the wonderful benefits that the herbs provide. Many active ingredients from the herbs help facilitate healing and regeneration of our natural hormones.

The form it is given depends on the clinic, but packaged liquid form medicine can be expected. The taste of herbal medicine is unique and may take some time to get used to. Dr. Yang from Acupuncture Wellness is a local business owner in Houston and provided our team with great information on acupuncture and also what to expect. He normally gives directions to take it twice a day in order to optimize recovery and healing.

The great benefit of acupuncture is that it covers practically every illness and disorder that you may have. Its unique characteristic is that it targets full body healing, which arguably is the best method of healing a patient. Western medicine focuses on providing immediate relief as well as strong effects from medication. While you may receive immediate benefits, this usually comes with its own problems. Synthetic medications are usually derived from natural active ingredients from various herbs, plants, minerals, etc, and basically amplifies the dosing. This type of medicine is not naturally found and was facilitated in a lab in order to get extreme results. The reality is, most people who try out acupuncture are patients who did not receive the type of recovery from a orthodox western medicine doctor. Another example of the effectiveness of acupuncture are patients who are looking for acupuncture to quit smoking. Because addiction towards smoking has both the effects of mental and physiological effect on the patient, acupuncture is a great way to help transition into a smoke free lifestyle!

Alternative medicine is still popular and very much relevant to this day because at the end of the day, it provides real value to patients and allows them to receive treatment in an affordable and effective manner.