Steps to spice up your home without breaking bank!

Have you ever walked around your home and noticed your white walls weren’t so white anymore? Or the one chip that you made last year, turned into 4 and 5 bigger chips throughout the house? I definitely began to notice the little scratches and chips that have accumulated and  added some age to my home. To offset this, I decided to repaint some walls of my house and add a few accent walls to bring some life and energy back into the space. I just searched painting near me and found a list of some painting contractors in the area to repaint and restore the walls of my once youthful home. I went onto Pinterest to get some ideas on how I wanted to paint the walls and decided that I still wanted to stick to white walls throughout despite the wear and tear it might eventually accumulate through time. Along with repainting my walls white once again, I decided to add some accent walls throughout. I decided on a dark gray tone to bring a modern aesthetic into the old home. The white walls were beautifully complemented with the one dark gray accent wall placed strategically in a space that wasn’t too large or too thin. I wanted the space to create a space of clarity yet still look chic. I didn’t want the colors to be too daring or bold as it was a space that would be visited often. It’s important to keep in mind that colors that are too bright or too bland can have an effect on the people who may visit and for the person who will be living there.

To add some more life into the bland room I decided to bring some more faux plants into a few corners of the house. The extra pop of green was something I wanted to incorporate for some time but I knew that maintaining a living plant would be too difficult and might attract bugs. So I decided to go with two faux plants in addition to the dark gray accent wall and the overall aesthetic was exactly what I was going for! I love the modern aesthetic that was completely revamped just from repainting and adding a few décor throughout the house. If you have trouble finding a good painting contractor try calling around and asking multiple businesses for some quotes and talk to the manager and see if they are someone you would trust to repaint your house! If they seem professional and understanding and patient then that is someone who would probably deliver their services in the same manner. Typically the painting contractor will prep by removing any furniture that is in the way and taping the outline to not smear onto the floors. Once they are done preparing the area, they will proceed to prime the walls for the paint for longer lasting colors. Then once the area is completely dry proceed to remove the covers and tape. Hopefully by this time you will be completely happy and satisfied with the color and can add some matching décor to add onto your new living space!